Regan is a great Realtor and an even better person

Regan is a rock star and a true professional. We met her during an open house, several months before we were serious about buying. We were moving back to the Northwest Columbus area (Dublin/Powell) after a 3 year relocation to NJ. We were so impressed with Regan that when we became serious a few months later, she was our number one choice. Having lived in the area previously, we knew exactly what we wanted, which meant we were exceptionally hard to please. Regan and her team at the Paula group were great. They were actively looking for properties that met our requirements and calling us proactively. This was important because good homes in our target neighborhoods we were staying on the market for less than 48 hours. For the home we purchased, Regan called me at noon on a Friday and by 3PM I was touring the home. My wife was working, so we called her and asked her to leave straight away, so that she could see the home as well. The sellers were having a dinner party, and could not show the house after 5PM; however, Regan convinced them to extend the window to 5:30, and my wife made it in time to do a quick 10 minute walk through. By 8PM that evening, we all met up at our friends house (kids in tow) to write an offer on the home. Of course Regan shows up with goodies and presents for our, then, 3 year old daughter. By noon the next day, the deal was done. We had the house (beating 3 other incoming offers and something in the realm of seventeen scheduled showings). During the contract period, Regan did a brilliant job navigating us through some challenging timelines. We had a NJ home sale contingency, and there were 5 other deals that needed to be coordinated to make everyone happy. We were.

It turns out, our home buying experience was just the beginning. Regan has helped us with several referrals, everything from carpet to minor repairs. She reintroduced us to the community, we even joined her club. Most of all, she and her family have become very dear friends of ours. We gained both a Realtor and a friend. What a deal.

Regan is a great Realtor and an even better person. Any opportunity you have to work with Regan will definitely pay off. This was our 4th home buying experience and was by far the best we’ve had.